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original soggy song, what got the group started


do you have a clue
what I mean
what I mean when I talk to you
do you have a clue
what I'm trying to convey
In this jumbled mess that I call a brain
that wasn't you back there it was me
I try so hard, it's my casualty
you said over time that this wouldn't hurt
you fucking lied
you're the worst

should've known this from the start
I carved my name into your heart
I let it fester let it bruise
and leave the healing up to you

whats the difference between being loved and being abused?

well, its time wasted
and you taste it
when I'm wasted
so lets face it

This was much less from the start than in the end
we could've prevented these broken hearts yet we mend them
we kept going as if things were fine
and then you lied

I believe you meant much more to me as an idea
and probably could've gone much better if I wasn't such a narcissistic asshole
watch me fall to my knees
crash my car into a tree

gave up for you
everything I do
was for you
not for me
I crave an apology

not who I thought I was....


from Soggy, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Soggy Denton, Texas

"The best things come from mistakes.. atleast that's what my mom tells me..."

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